Hey there! Today we are taking a look at a very interesting topic! The topic is Dating and more specifically it involves looking for those red flags when you are dating so that you don’t commit to or marry the wrong person!    
 Topic of the Week: Who Are You REALLY Dating? 
We all know that everyone puts their best “representative” out there when we initially meet someone. If you met someone and put out all your dirty laundry and haunting secrets then you would, of course, run that person away. So, it is natural to slowly divulge who you are as you get to know…and trust…the person that has entered your life.  

Here’s the problem. There comes a time when the truth about how you think, feel and some of those things you have done or endured in your past should be revealed. When you continue to hide your legal issues, money issues, bad credit, baby momma/daddy drama, and/or prior relationship issues, then you are being deceptive.

In my book, The Cheatsheet: Who are you REALLY dating?, I discussed the four archetypes (or types) of men that you may meet (and their issues) when dating. Even though I wrote the book from a woman’s point of view when dating a man, these archetypes are prevalent in women as well. 

Check out my Youtube video below to discover the four archetypes! Also, check out Amazon to download or purchase a paperback version of my book! 

Also, stay tuned for more of my relationship series: 

Types of Dysfunctional Relationships:

  • Codependency: Oh my! I decided to jump in with one of the MOST common and destructive relationships out there! So many people are in Codependent Relationships and don’t even realize it! If your “helping” another person has started to drain you of your money, time, energy, etc. then this topic is for you!  (Completed)
  • Emotional Affairs: This occurs when that “work boo” or “work husband/wife” gets a littttleee toooo close! (Completed)
  • Infidelity/Cheating: We will discuss why infidelity often occurs and what you can do about it. (Completed)
  • Dating An Inmate: This occurs more than you think! We will discuss how to prepare and handle this situation. (Completed)
  • Domestic Violence in Relationships: This is one of the MOST dangerous relationships! (Completed)
  • The Cheatsheet: Who Are You REALLY dating? You will learn about the Four Archetypes found in men that you have probably dated in the past! (Completed)
  • Long Distance Relationships: Is it worth it or not? 
  • Narcissistic Relationships: This is my newest content! A new Youtube video is coming to complement this topic!
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