Hey There!  Today we are discussing the relationship issues that occur when you are dating someone incarcerated.  
 Topic of the Week: Dating The Incarcerated (Jailed) 
Many people have never considered dating someone that is currently locked up (i.e. incarcerated, jailed, etc). However, many people do find themselves dating someone that is currently doing time behind bars. Some of the clients that I have encountered met the love of their life while visiting someone else that was talking on the phone with another inmate. Others met their love by visiting the prison with someone that was visiting another incarcerated person. At the end of the day, inmates are people too and just because they are behind bars doesn’t mean that they are no longer human or desire interaction with people on the outside. Inmates are in an alternate universe that purposefully puts them in a world that is devoid of sensory stimuli. That void creates a need. Some inmates harness their energy and do their time quietly and alone. While others crave attention from someone that cares about them or that can provide insight into the outside world. 

Enter the new relationship…

The phone is their lifeline to the outside world. During the phone sessions, both parties tend to be captive audiences. The need for attention, time, mental stimulation, and even sexual stimulation is satiated with phone conversations. The inmate wants to constantly talk to his or her new friend and the new friend tends to enjoy all the undivided attention. They often make plans for when the inmate is released and can’t wait to start their new life together. 

Then the inmate is released…

At first, the couple is happy to be together in the flesh without bars separating them. They blissfully explore each other in the real world and learn about each other each day. Then reality steps in. The inmate is not accustomed to so much freedom. At this point, they will either stay sequestered in the house for fear of venturing out into the big, loud, and fast-moving world out there or they will party and act as if they were the younger version of themselves. Either way, trouble starts to brew……

Check out my Youtube video linked below to find out more about what happens when the blinders are taken off and reality sets in after the incarcerated person is released from prison!

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