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Sad but Hopeful.



Hi there. 

I really debated on posting anything today because I am still reeling from all the events that have occurred recently.

Not only do we have Covid-19 to contend with but the recent horrific murders of several black men and women coupled with the protesting, rioting, and looting of many of our cities is quite frankly overwhelming.

As an empath, I feel and internalize energy and emotions on a very deep level. So, to feel the depth of the pain, sadness, rage, hurt, darkness, and confusion has stunned me. As a mother to a black young man, my heart broke when George Floyd cried out for his mother (who is deceased) as he died. I have no words for that.

I have tried to make sense of everything and push through but some things take a little longer to get over than others. 

With that said, I do believe in HOPE

I have seen glimpses of unity, compassion, and love for humanity. Even the protests in other countries such as Iran have helped tremendously to raise my spirits. People are finally getting it and that makes me feel hopeful. 

I understand that things have to be BROKEN to be REBUILT. 

Even though we understand the process, it does not mean that we feel good while enduring the breakdown and reconstruction.

So, if you have been feeling sad, depleted, or emotionally exhausted, I fully understand.  

So, what do you do to pull yourself out of the funk? 

Personally, these are some of the things I have done just this week and that I recommend that my clients do to avoid or at least help with Depression and Anxiety.

1. Shut down. Shut yourself off from social media and the news for a bit.
Write. Write down your feelings in a journal or on your phone.
Exercise. Fresh air provides a fresh perspective.
Bathe. Take a long, hot bath with Epsom salt. The salts help to ground you.
Talk. Talk with a friend and tell the truth about how you are feeling.
Be honest. If you are not ok right now then let someone know.
Rest and sleep. If you cant sleep during the day then just lay around and let your mind and body recalibrate.
Movie. Look at a funny movie to raise your spirits.
Music. Listen to upbeat music to raise your vibration.
Do something productive. If you can’t rest then do something that will make you feel accomplished.

At the end of the day, it is about taking care of your emotional and mental needs. Self-care is really important anyway but it is especially important now.

With that, know that I am praying for each of you, that you are loved, and that I am always, always rooting for you!

Be well and Be safe!

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The Blindspot Biz

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