The Vault: Daily Tracker For Bipolar Disorder


Dear Reader,

Having Bipolar Disorder is not easy. The extreme mood swings can make it extremely hard to function at home, on the job, or while interacting with family and friends. The good news is that you do function and that is what makes you a superhero in my book!

The Vault: Daily Tracker for Bipolar Disorder was created specifically for you!

This book is actually a tool that will help you and possibly your mental health therapist or primary care physician assess your moods so that proper care can be provided. If that sounds like a plan, then let’s begin…


This 110-page tracker contains two sections. Section One includes 90 days of Daily Logs that you can complete to indicate how you feel in the morning, afternoon, and night. You can also jot down notes at the bottom of the page. Section Two includes Daily Trackers that will allow you to track which moods you experienced each day. Both sections will make it easier for you and your mental health provider or medical provider to assess the frequency and intensity of your daily moods!

If you would like a paperback version of this tracker, click The Vault: Daily Tracker for Bipolar Disorder (Paperback).


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