The Quick and Dirty Guide To The Effective Writer’s Mindset E-Book


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Dear Reader,

Have you been working on your “book” for years? Do you have friends that ask you every blue moon, “What happened to that book you were writing?” Do you avoid writing now because you fear that it will never “happen” for you? Are you so tired of forcing yourself to work on your book that writing is no longer fun for you? If any of those questions touched a nerve, then you are not alone. Every year, hundreds of thousands of books remain unpublished. Why is that? I believe it is due to the writer’s mindset. The first step to effectively writing your book is to develop your writer’s mindset. So, what is a Writer’s Mindset? I’m glad you asked. In this book, I detail some of the fundamental elements of an effective writer’s mindset that is needed to break through your mental blocks so that you can write and publish your first book. Please note: This is not another book that will teach you How To Write Your Book. Instead, this book seeks to prepare your mind for the arduous task of actually writing your book. I have an upcoming book that will discuss in detail how to write and publish your completed manuscript. Sound helpful? If so, let’s begin…



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