The Effective Therapist’s Daily To-Do List Workbook (E-Book)


Please Note: This is the downloadable PDF form of the book. This downloadable workbook has over 80 pages! If you would like a paperback copy mailed to you, please visit at

Dear Therapist,

I created The Effective Therapist’s Daily To-Do List because I understand. Keeping up with the “people work” and the “paperwork” is often a major, overwhelming undertaking that is never fully completed. Many of us, spend our nights and weekends working at home or in our offices on client treatment plans, notes, billing, or some other aspect of the therapeutic process in an effort to simply keep up! If you are like me, I would constantly write notes, to-dos, and flashes of inspiration on the nearest piece of paper, in a notebook, or in an app on my iPhone only to promptly forget where I put the information when I needed it! Eventually, I grew tired of having my notes and to-do lists all over the place and I craved organization. I wanted a systematic way to keep up with all the things that I needed to do in one organized and action-oriented place. This is why I created The Effective Therapist’s Daily To-Do List. Not only did it help me but I believe that it will help you as well. The Effective Therapist’s Daily To-Do List will provide you with an organizational and productivity-focused system to keep all your tasks in one place!



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