The Effective Therapist’s Brain Dump Workbook


Please Note: This is the downloadable PDF form of the book. This downloadable workbook has well over 80 pages! If you would like a paperback copy mailed to you, please visit at


Dear Therapist,

I created The Effective Therapist’s Brain Dump because I understand. Keeping up with the “people work” and the “paperwork” is often a major, overwhelming undertaking that is never fully completed. Many of us, spend our nights and weekends working at home or in our offices on client treatment plans, notes, billing, or some other aspect of the therapeutic process in an effort to simply keep up! If you are like me, you always have at least five balls in the air that you are constantly juggling. Even though we are superheroes, it can become overwhelming at times. Sometimes, getting our thoughts together enough to figure out where to start digging into all the “stuff” we have to work on throughout the day is the hardest task of the day. Never fear superhero! Help is on the way! I created The Effective Therapist’s Brain Dump so that you will be able to take all of the rambling thoughts out of your head and get them onto paper so you can make sense of it all. Simultaneously freeing up brain matter so that you can be more present with your clients.

Doesn’t that sound great? Deirdre





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