The Curse Of The Strong: How To Overcome Narcissistic Parenting, Perfectionism, And Codependency To Avoid Burn-Out!


BLINDSPOT: Breaking the chains of Co-Dependency.

SOLUTION: This Book!

Dear Reader,

I see you. You are that successful educator, businesswoman, mother, or entrepreneur. You get up early, handle your business effortlessly, and take care of so many people throughout your day. Everyone can count on you. No matter what, you’re the one they call when the going gets tough or problems need to be solved. You can handle it! You are focused, organized and on-point. Employers love your work ethic and commitment. Family members know that if something needs to be resolved then they can call in the big guns- YOU! Your husband/partner leans on you to emotionally support him and his issues. Your children come to you to help them make every decision. You give and give and give until now….you are exhausted! You feel as if you are at the end of your rope and you don’t even have the strength anymore to tie a knot and hold on. You are tired. You are empty. You secretly feel angry and resentful because you are always there for everyone else but no one notices your pain and struggles. You feel as if you are dying inside from the drain of physical and mental exhaustion. After years and years of being there for everyone else, you are realizing that you have nothing else to give.

You, my dear, have finally hit a wall.

Now, you are in the perfect position to stop, make changes, and heal.

Let’s begin.

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