The Cheatsheet: Who are you REALLY dating? E-Book


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Have you ever?

Have you ever awakened with a sickening, sinking feeling in your gut as your mind recalls the events of the previous night? Maybe you awakened and suddenly recalled an argument with someone that ended with the promise of never speaking to each other again. Maybe you remember, all over again, that the person that you thought you were involved with wasn’t the person you thought they were and the realization makes you feel sick to your stomach or drop to your knees. Maybe you feel used as you recall all the lies you were told by someone that you thought cared about you. Maybe the fact that your man is not in the bed beside you suddenly sinks in and the realization that it’s over or ending hits you like a ton of bricks. Just maybe…

If you are currently feeling like this or if you have ever felt the heaviness of sadness, or the sting of rage that comes with the realization that you have been used and manipulated, or if you have ever experienced the sweet relief of realizing that even though you’re hurting right now, you have dodged a major bullet (or missile), then this book is for you!

I wrote this book for every woman that is sick and tired of finding themselves on the losing end of love. I wrote this book for every woman that has been lied to, taken advantage of, or been betrayed by someone they thought loved or at least cared about them. I wrote this book for the woman that wishes she knew what she knows now five relationships ago. I wrote this book for you!

Class is in session. Let’s begin…


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