The Blindspot Biz Oracles White Clarification Deck


The Blindspot Biz Oracles Clarification Deck can be used in many settings and for various uses!

Tarot Readers: Tarot Readers can use it to clarify the meaning of other tarot cards.

Therapists/Counselors: This deck can be used as a conversation starter or thought provoker. Put the cards in a bowl or spread them out. Have the client pull a card and discuss its meaning before, during, or after your session. Clients can pick a card to think about until the next session. Or you can sum up the session with a card pull.


US Mini Size Game Cards
1.61″x2.48″ (41×63mm) (25 cards)
Card stock: (S30) Standard Smooth
Card finishing: Gloss finish
Packaging: Shrink-wrapped


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