Large Release Clearing Kit



Do you need to clear up the negative energy in your new home? Did you recently experience a breakup and desire to clean up the leftover energy that is hanging around?

If so, it sounds like you need to cleanse your home, office, car, or space! The Large Release Clearing Kit contains all the tools you need to cleanse unwanted energy.

The Large Release Clearing Kit is a whopping 2.15 lb box that includes the following:

  1. One (1) 8 oz Release Candle (This candle has fragrances and herbs that promote the release of negative energy.)
  2. One (1) Clearing Oil   (This oil contains herbs and oils that can be used on your door frames and windows once the clearing has been completed.)
  3. One (1) Dressed Candle (This candle has been dressed in oils, herbs, markings, and intentions to rid your space of unwanted energy.)
  4. One (1) Sage Stick (This sage stick clears out negative and unwanted energy as a part of the clearing.)
  5. One (1) Palo Santo Stick (This stick invites positive energy in after the clearing.)
  6. One (1) Black Clearing Salt (This 1.3 lb bottle of handcrafted black clearing salt can be used in a clearing ritual or simply placed in a bowl by your front door after the clearing.)
  7. One (1) Herbal Sachet (This herbal sachet contains the herbs that can be used in your salt bowl or during a clearing ritual.)
  8. One (1) Stardust Potion (This natural salt potion should be used in a clearing bath before and after you clear your house.)
  9.  One (1) bottle of small colorful matches

Get everything you need to release and clear the negative or unwanted energy from your home, office, car, or space in one box!

**An email will be sent to you with a private link to a Youtube video that will demonstrate and explain exactly what you need to do to effectively clean your home.

3 in stock (can be backordered)

The large Clearing Kit comes in a black 9x9x9 black gift box that weighs approx. 2.15 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 34.4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in


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