Anxiety Hypnosis Audio

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BLINDSPOT: Recurrent Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks

SOLUTION: The Anxiety Hypnosis Audio

Anxiety is one of THE most common disorders in the world and it affects well over 40 million people. So you are not alone. However, I know that you may feel very alone when you are experiencing the various symptoms that accompany anxiety such as sweaty palms, a racing heart, a dry mouth, the intense desire to run/flee, the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, headaches, and body weakness. All of those symptoms can make you feel like you are dying, losing your mind, losing control, or all of the above!

Medications help some people but not others. If you choose to not take medication then what can you do about it? My suggestion is Hypnosis! Hypnosis is a soothing and relaxing process that seeks to relax the mind and body while helping your mind accept the fact that anxiety does not control you and that you can have a life without anxiety.

Directions: Simply, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Then listen to this 27-minute audio while your anxiety melts away. That’s it. I suggest listening to the audio for 21 days to obtain the full effects of the hypnosis.



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