2021 Defying Gravity Productivity Planner (Fillable Version)


Blindspot: Difficulty setting and accomplishing your goals! 

This is a secret weapon. It is a secret weapon I have used for a couple of years now to accomplish many goals like publishing 17 books and workbooks and opening my second business, The Blindspot Biz.

A lot of people say that they are tired of New Year’s Resolutions and they should be IF they have no intention of completing anything they write down!

The problem is that many people are doing it wrong. Writing down goals without any structure or time frames is a waste of time. This planner helps you prioritize what is really important and then schedule it in a way that is not overwhelming but allows you to keep up with each task until they are all completed. Don’t believe me? Try it!

The 2021 Defying Gravity Productivity Fillable Planner is a large, 26-page, full color, FILLABLE planner that you can download and complete on your computer!

This product consists of a 26-page, full-color, downloadable, and fillable planner that you can use and reuse throughout 2021.


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