It Costs To Be The BOSS!

It’s Motivational Monday! 


Hi there! It’s Productivity Motivational Monday! 

Are you interested in opening a brick and mortar business, starting your online shop, or creating some product that you can sell? If so, I have a piece of advice: You have to spend money to make money!

You have no idea how frustrating it is for me when I have people that want to get the information from me that I fought so hard to acquire through trial and error but mostly through paying for someone to show me how.

Now, I am not talking about a quick piece of advice and you are on your way. I am talking about people that want a full-fledge step-by-step training on how to do something that I do…for FREE.

Nothing in life is free. So, why do some people have the expectation that they can be “mentored” all the time or that someone will take time out of their busy schedule to pass down all the information for free?

Everything has a cost! Millionaires, especially self-made millionaires, did not sit back and hope someone took them by the hand to show them what to do. They worked their asses off learning what it is that they want to do or they paid someone that already had achieved what they wanted to learn to show them how to do it.

Personally, I have literally paid thousands of dollars on online courses to show me how to market online not to mention the $2500 I paid to be trained to be a hypnotherapist and the $1500 I paid to learn EMDR. We won’t even mention the hours and hours of classes I have taken to become a teacher, a school counselor, and a mental health therapist. Licensure fees/tests/supervision are at least $1000 and the bi-yearly fees to maintain both licenses are almost $300. When I opened my business, I paid a therapist that had two mental health practices in different states, $100 per hour to answer specific questions that I needed to get my practice started. The fee was high but I knew her time was valuable and she had information that I needed, so I was willing to pay for it.

IT COSTS TO BE THE BOSS! If you have ever heard that term, there is so much truth in it. You get to be a boss when you are willing to do what others won’t. When others say, that it costs too much, you pay it. When others say, that is too hard, you do it. You pay the cost now to sit back and relax while others work till the government says they can stop.

Yes, it is a sacrifice. The sacrifice of time. The sacrifice of energy. The sacrifice of money. The sacrifice of mental energy.

I often say, “You can have ANYTHING that you want but you have to be willing to pay the price!”

If you are not willing to pay the cost to be the boss and to sacrifice something to get what you want in the long run, then please stop talking about it. Settle into your life as it is and be happy. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, for those of you that are willing to gamble it all to live out your dream….KEEP GOING! I’m rooting for you and I am going to continue to push you in the direction of your dreams!

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The Blindspot Biz

The Blindspot Biz

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