Hey there! Today, we are taking a look at a serious issue in some relationships: Domestic Violence.   
 Topic of the Week: Domestic Violence In Relationships 

If a person has never experienced domestic violence in a relationship then they often will assert that they would NEVER date someone that is abusive. Even though they may not date someone that is violent, many women (and men) find themselves slowly but surely lulled into a violent relationship before they know it! 

Predators. Yes, predators are what I call them. Predators will not announce that they are violent at the gate. They are not stupid. Usually, they appear as prince (princess) charming. They know what to say and when to say it to make their person feel as if they are the best thing ever. They can do no wrong. Slowly and methodically, they start to isolate their partner from family and friends once they know that he or she is in love with them. Once the isolation occurs, which could include a move, then the gloves come off. Or rather, the boxing gloves are put on. The violence begins…..

I gave you a quick and dirty summary of the process that leads to domestic violence in most relationships. Check out my Youtube video linked below to find out more about what happens during the “grooming process” when dating an abusive man or woman.

Also, stay tuned for more of my relationship series: 

Types of Dysfunctional Relationships:

  • Codependency: Oh my! I decided to jump in with one of the MOST common and destructive relationships out there! So many people are in Codependent Relationships and don’t even realize it! If your “helping” another person has started to drain you of your money, time, energy, etc. then this topic is for you!  (Completed)
  • Emotional Affairs: This occurs when that “work boo” or “work husband/wife” gets a littttleee toooo close! (Completed)
  • Infidelity/Cheating: We will discuss why infidelity often occurs and what you can do about it. (Completed)
  • Dating An Inmate: This occurs more than you think! We will discuss how to prepare and handle this situation. (Completed)
  • Domestic Violence in Relationships: This is one of the MOST dangerous relationships! (Completed)
  • The Cheatsheet: Who Are You REALLY dating? You will learn about the Four Archetypes found in men that you have probably dated in the past!
  • Long Distance Relationships: Is it worth it or not? 
  • Narcissistic Relationships: This is my newest content! A new Youtube video is coming to complement this topic!

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