Welcome to The Blindspot Biz!



Welcome to The Blindspot Biz. I am Deirdre Haynes, Ed.S, LPCS and I am the owner of The Blindspot Biz. I also own Deirdre Haynes Counseling Services in Columbia, SC.

By day, I am a mental health therapist, supervisor, and hypnotherapist. I have owned my private practice for 8 years.

By night, I am obsessed with handcrafting products that smell amazing and promote a positive state of mind! 




The name, The Blindspot Biz, may sound weird but let me explain.

One day while I was supervising internship students, I began to discuss the idea I had about writing a book that would address those things that incoming therapists needed to know but were not taught in school. One of my interns blurted out…blindspots…and the rest was history. So, blindspots are those pain points that you cannot see but interfere with your wellbeing and progress. 

I wrote that book and 17 more but then I began to realize something…

As a mental health therapist, I began to realize that many of my clients were so busy taking care of everyone else that they were seriously neglecting themselves.   They were emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted! Sadly, the only time they could self-care was in my office.

I set out to create products that would help them to take time out for themselves to self-care…even if it was in the shower! 

So, here we are!

It is my hope and prayer that you will utilize these powerful aromatherapies, natural ingredients, and holistic products to relax, self-care, and improve your wellbeing and state of mind.